Euro-Mulcher by Euro-Tec 1.2 (Erosion, Severe Erosion & Civil Engineering)

Euro-Mulcher by Euro-Tec 1.2 et 2.0 (Gamme Erosion – Erosion sévère & Génie Civil

Euro-Mulcher by Euro-Tec 1.2 (Erosion, Severe Erosion & Civil Engineering)

Materials from our R&D
Designed for companies working on jobs with high access constraints (positive gradients, pipe lengths, high viscosity of mixes to be applied)
Suitable for all supplies

Special features :
- The most versatile hydromulcher on the market for your hydroseeding, hydromulching and hydrospriging jobs.
- Mechanical mixing and volumetric pump (mechanical agitation)
- Can be used with all supplies
- Robust and easy to maintain


Capacité cuve 1 200 litres
Motorization Kholer 14 HP engine - Electric starter
Mixing system Mechanical kneading
Pump Volumetric gear pump (Gear pump)
Weight 680 kg unladen / 2,045 kg laden
Dimensions 2.30 m long, 1.40 m wide, 1.70 m high
Equipment Electric hose reel with 30 ml semi-rigid hose. 3 different nozzles can be used to ensure precise application
Tank application time 8 / 10 minutes
Mixing capacity 45 kg fibrous material (mulch)
Daily production capacity 6,000 m² hydroseeding / 2,000 m² hydromulching

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