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EURO-TEC has been a leader in the marketing of hydroseeders and hydrodromulchers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for over 25 years.

The company has built its reputation on its experience, expertise, responsiveness, and level of service to support entrepreneurs at all stages of their projects.

We are aware that each machine has specific strengths. Our strategy and our multi-brand range ensure that we offer the most suitable machine for our partner's or customer's project.

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Flächenmanagement und Verschönerung

Space management and beautification

The purpose of hydromulching in green spaces is to create an aesthetically pleasing or functional herb layer.

Erosionsschutz & Anlagenbau

Erosion protection & plant engineering

Hydromulching is used in the construction industry to ensure the integrity of an excavated structure and to minimize the risk of...

Bewehrung & Tiefbau

Reinforcement & civil engineering

Hydromulching is used in the construction industry to ensure the integrity of an excavated structure and to minimize the risk of...

Vorübergehende Eindämmung & a.d.c

Temporary containment & a.d.c

In contrast to hydroseeding and hydromulch, hydrocovering is not a technique for seeding lawns.

Click & Solution by Euro-Tec

At Euro-Tec we’re anxious to make Hydromulching accessible to the biggest public possible, that’s why we are very proud of our new launch of the ‘Click & Solution by Euro-Tec’ tool.

Click & Solution by Euro-Tec is the culmination of 25 years of experience in Hydroseeding and Hydromulching on an international level. All this is now formalized and accessible through an intuitive tool.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Contractor, Project Manager or Owner, Landscape company or other… Click & Solution by Euro-Tec has been developed for you.

Choose the type of project, complete some jobsite parameters and Click & Solutions by Euro-Tec gives you access to a solution that’s presented under the format of a prescription sheet.

You still have a question or a comment? Please contact us!

Our offer


Thanks to the wealth of experience we have gained from a large number of hydroseeding and hydromulching projects in France and internationally, we atIGG have developed and specified a range of innovative consumables together with our partner Euro-Tec. This range is the result of our research and development and close collaboration with our production partners.

Hydroseeder & Hydromulcher
Hydroseeder & Hydromulcher

IGG offers a wide range of machines from various brands for hydroseeding and hydromulch application for hire or purchase, including FINN brand machines. We are sure to find the right machine for your application.

Technische Unterstützung & Schulung
Technical support & training

Perhaps you are already an "old hand" in the HYDROMULCHING business or maybe you are a company just taking your first steps in the application of HYDROMULCHING solutions? Our experienced team of specialists is at your disposal to solve any technical problem you may face.  

Hydromulching and Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding was invented in 1953 in the USA by Charles FINN. This “seeding” technique allows quick installation of vegetation on vast areas, without preliminary soil preparation, on soils with good to mediocre quality or areas with difficult access. (steep slopes, stockpiles etc). Hydroseeding can be used on areas where good to medium quality topsoil is present or has been applied and is basically a ‘superficial’ approach where the seeds are not fully covered.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use this technique in the most favourable season for the seeds to germinate in time – which tends to be right before the rainy season. That way the risk of seeds being blown or washed away is limited.

Hydromulching however, goes a step further, and uses more elaborate and specific ingredients and recipes, like wood fibre mulch, natural or synthetic stabilizers, soil conditioners and nutrients. They create the optimum environment for the seeds to be protected in an optimum environment for germination and quick rooting afterwards. In the meantime, the soil is protected against erosion until the vegetation takes over.

Euro-Tec Turkey

Euro-Tec Turkey

Euro-Tec Turkey is a company that produces solutions and supplies products for the landscape and environmental technologies. The main goal is that the solutions produced are environmentally friendly, sustainable and respectful to the nature.

Hydroseeding and Hydromulching applications allow us to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce water consumption, save labor and time, increase biodiversity and prevent erosion. Euro-Tec Turkey is a Turkish company that sells and leases Hydroseeding and Hydromulching consumables and FINN machines in Turkey and the Middle-East region and was established in Istanbul. Euro-Tec products have been using in the Turkish market for about 15 years and have provided successful results in several major projects. Euro-Tec Turkey supports its customers by sharing their experiences not only during trade but also after-sales and application stages and helps them to develop their business. Euro-Tec Turkey has been located in Istanbul and got closer to the Turkish market, aiming to work faster.

Euro-Tec Turkey provides online and face-to-face training on Hydroseeding and Hydromulching applications, products and machines to contribute to the correct understanding and use of these technologies.

Global Hydromulching Network
Euro-Tec Turkey

Why Choose EURO-TEC ?

Your partner in Erosion Control from A to Z.

EURO-TEC will help you with any questions, with dimensioning solutions, planning and execution: EURO-TEC is there for you during all phases of your project.
Your project solution can incorporate geotextiles, erosion control mats, Hydromulching consumables and special fertilizers, equipment, and any possible combination between them.

EURO-TEC will offer you the right green solution in your battle against erosion.

EURO-TEC offers solutions for various applications:
• Slopes near highways or railway lines
• Slope Stabilisation
• Landscaping Solutions
• Hydraulic Engineering Solutions
• Bio-Engineering Solutions
• Hydroseeding and Hydromulching 

Why choose EURO-TEC’s range of Hydromulchers ?

In the solutions EURO-TEC offers their clients, they look for the right equipment that has a long lifespan, increases your productivity on the job site. They offer robust and performing machines from different brands, among which also FINN, backed up by a first-class service and a large spare parts stock.

Thanks to the close cooperation with customers and knowledge of the Hydromulching market, specific needs and new applications can be transformed into new adaptations, new development, and finally new machines. So, the most suitable machine is used performing the correct application on your project.

Why choose Hydromulching Solutions by EURO-TEC?

Apart from being able to pull from a big stock of new, reconditioned or used machines which is centrally located near Lyon in France, over 25 year of experience and a high level of Service, EURO-TEC is undoubtedly the leader in Europe and abroad in this business. Euro-Tec offer you guidance on anything in the Hydromulching business, help you with your ‘key’ acquisitions for your operators, your Study Desk or your Project Managers, in such a way that they will be able to sell better, more and generate more profit.

EURO-TEC places the Customer at the forefront of their efforts, considering them ‘partners’ to which a complete Service is dedicated.

But one picture says more than a thousand words, and even better a visit to our location at Colombier-Saugnieu near Lyon (France). We’re literally 5 minutes away from Lyon airport (Iata code LYS).

We will be happy to receive you!


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