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EURO-TEC has been a leader in the marketing of hydroseeders and hydrodromulchers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for over 25 years.

The company has built its reputation on its experience, expertise, responsiveness, and level of service to support entrepreneurs at all stages of their projects.

We are aware that each machine has specific strengths. Our strategy and our multi-brand range ensure that we offer the most suitable machine for our partner's or customer's project.

Hydromulching and Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding was invented in 1953 in the USA by Charles FINN. This “seeding” technique allows quick installation of vegetation on vast areas, without preliminary soil preparation, on soils with good to mediocre quality or areas with difficult access. (steep slopes, stockpiles etc). Hydroseeding can be used on areas where good to medium quality topsoil is present or has been applied and is basically a ‘superficial’ approach where the seeds are not fully covered. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use this technique in the most favourable season for the seeds to germinate in time – which tends to be right before the rainy season. That way the risk of seeds being blown or washed away is limited.

Hydromulching however, goes a step further, and uses more elaborate and specific ingredients and recipes, like wood fibre mulch, natural or synthetic stabilizers, soil conditioners and nutrients. They create the optimum environment for the seeds to be protected in an optimum environment for germination and quick rooting afterwards. In the meantime, the soil is protected against erosion until the vegetation takes over.

Our offers

Easy Seeder by Euro-Tec (Gamme Embellissement & Gestion de l’Espace)

EasySeeder by Euro-Tec (Beautification & Surface Management product range)

Appliance in conjunction with the Easy Green concept:
Aimed at green space companies & local authorities who want to take their first steps with hydroseeding.
For areas under 200 m².

Specific features :
- The most intuitive and simplest operation on the market.
- Mixture with water jets (jet agitation).
- Can only be used with EasyMulch.
- Light and compact: simplified logistics.

Natura Mulcher by Euro-Tec

NaturaMulcher by Euro-Tec (Beautification & Surface Management product range)

Equipment adapted by EURO-TEC specifically for use with the Natura Mulch range.
Especially suitable for letting via the EURO-TEC network.
For green space companies and local authorities who want to improve their productivity.

Specific features:
- The NaturaMulcher has been adapted by EURO-TEC especially for your hydroseeding and hydromulching projects.
- Appliances equipped with mechanical agitation
- Can be used with the Natura-Mulch product range.

Euro-Mulcher by Euro-Tec 1.2 et 2.0 (Gamme Erosion – Erosion sévère & Génie Civil

Euro-Mulcher by Euro-Tec (Erosion - Heavy Erosion Range & Civil Engineering range)

Devices developed from our own R&D.
Intended for Landscape companies with projects with severe access restrictions (very steep slopes, longer hoses, high viscosity of mixtures ....).
Suitable for all consumable products

Available in 2 versions:
- EuroMulcher 1.2 (1,200 litres)
- EuroMulcher 2.0 (2,000 litres)

Special features:
- The most versatile device on the market for all hydroseeding, hydromulching and hydrosprigging projects
- Equipped with mechanical agitation and a gear pump
- Can be used with all consumables
- A robust & easy to maintain machine.



EasyGreen is a quick and easy hydroseeding solution accessible to the greatest number of people, enabling grass to be established on substrates of good to medium agronomic quality for beautification, flowering or space management.


Hydromulchers FINN

Complete range of equipment (new, reconditioned, used or for hire) for all types of projects.

2 machine stages depending on the required additives:
T30 / T60 and T75: Beautification and area management segment.
T90 / T120 / T170: All segments (except hydrosprigging).

Why buy from EURO-TEC?

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Our service

An expert offer for your one-off or larger projects. Demonstrations and testing of our multi-brand range of new, used or refurbished equipment or rental equipment.

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Our permanent stock

A permanent offer with high availability in hydroseeders of different brands : EasySeeder, NaturaMulcher, EuroMulcher and FINN, new, reconditioned, used or in rental.

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Our customer service

Excellent customer service in various languages -from our ‘hub’ location near Lyon-France, telephone support or 'in situ', large stock of immediately available parts for maintenance and/or repair.


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